Hi subscriber,

As the new website is used more, we have been working to make sure that it operates smoothly and any glitches that come up are resolved as quickly as possible. We're pleased to see that our new website is working much better than our previous one and renewals have been going through without a problem. Here are a few tips for those of you who may have encountered a snag:

Logging In
  • If you have logged in and seen a message that states "You do not have sufficient permissions to access this admin page", then this may be a browser caching issue. Please clear your browser cache and attempt to login again. Then you should automatically see your My Account page. If you're not redirected automatically then go to the front home page after logging in and click the blue "My Account" button on the top right corner of the page in the header.
Find a Practitioner Directory
  • The first thing to check is that your membership is active. If your membership has lapsed then your presence in the Directory will either be absent or out of date. Please renew your membership and if there is still an issue then let us know and one of our volunteers will be happy to help.
  • If you are an active member and need to update your Business Practice Information then please do so through the link provided on the My Account page. Please fill in all of the boxes, not just some of them. At this point, the updates must be done manually by an administrator so please be patient. We are working towards the goal of updates happening within 36 hours however our volunteers are currently behind. If you feel that the update has taken too long to appear then feel free to check in with us and make sure the request has not been lost.
  • If you would like to have multiple Directory listings, that can be done by submitting a request in the Update Your Business Practice Information link on the My Account page. An administrator will create an additional profile for you in the Directory. Please add the phrase "Additional Location" in the box after the business name, otherwise the administrator will assume that you want to change your original location rather than adding another one.
You did not recieve renewal notices
  • If you were not an active member at the time your information was uploaded into the new website, then the system would not have sent you a renewal notice. Please log in to the website and renew your membership. Even if your membership has lapsed for years, it is likely that you have a profile in the website.
  • Your information is out of date. Please log in to the website and update your account and billing address information.
  • You may have two profiles in the system. If you already had an account and a new one was created in error, then your membership information may be attached to your old profile. If you suspect this has happened, please contact an administrator so we can merge the outdated profile and ensure that your contact information and membership status is correct. We are planning to audit all user accounts and directory information over the next few months but this will take quite some time and many phone calls.
Our gratitude to those who have alerted us to any snafus they may have experienced with the new website. If we don't know there's a problem then we can't fix it!

BJ Putnam
APA Webmaster

APA Board of Directors
Heather Shultz
Yanqun Zhong
Linda Silva
Jan Wilson
B.J. Putnam
Jaime Gordon
Janelle Farkas
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