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Published: May 31, 2024

This post was originally published on the Oregon Association of Acupuncturists.

This post first appeared on the New Jersey Acupuncture Society.

This post first appeared on the Acupuncture Society of Massachusetts.

Register Now for our June and July AcuTalks!**
3 CEUs for attending both events

Each of these events offers cutting-edge and practical information, connection with your peers, plus CEUs!
AcuTalks are free for active ASM members!

ASM June AcuTalk
Wednesday June 19, 2024
12:30-2:30pm via Zoom

TOPIC: Su Wen Herbs (SWH) Pharmacology, Dosage and Herb Safety
With Dr. Anthony Booker

This educational lecture for both students and practitioners. The lecture will cover: an introduction to the pharmacokinetics of drugs and how drugs and herbal compounds, are absorbed, metabolized and excreted; the differences between herbal formulas and drugs; the issue of safety of Chinese herbs, and interactions between Chinese herbs and Western drugs; guidelines for the safe use of standardised herbal formulas.

Sponsored by Su Wen Herbs

2 CEUs (Herb) for the 2 hours for licensed acupuncturists


ASM July AcuTalk
Tuesday July 16, 2024
7:30-8:30pm via Zoom

TOPIC: Acupuncture Primer Effective and Proper Documentation including ICD11 Traditional Medicine Codes
With Brandon Hoffman and Sam Collins
Sponsored by the American Acupuncture Council (AAC)

1 CEU (Ethic) for the 1 hour for licensed acupuncturists


Members and non-members are welcome at all events. Active ASM members will save the most $$! 


  • Registration for AcuTalks is free for ASM members.
  • Login with your ASM username and password (active or expired membership). If you do not have an ASM account, you can create one.
  • During checkout, fill-in license or other details
  • Check the small box giving consent to collect your info
  • Hit “submit your registration”
  • If a fee is due, we will contact you about offline payment options.

A great time to renew or join! You save $$ on event fees over the non-member rates PLUS you get all the other membership benefits

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