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House Professional Licensure Committee Advances Gallagher Acupuncture Bill

On October 3, the House Professional Licensure Committee voted to report HB 1490, which updates the Acupuncture law, to the full House. The bill was unanimously reported as amended. The amendment, A02282  offered by bill sponsor Rep. Patrick Gallagher, changes "registered" to "licensed"; within...

House Bill 1490 has been introduced and referred to the House Professional Licensure Committee

House Bill 1490 has been introduced and referred to the House Professional Licensure Committee. This bill would allow licensed acupuncturists from other states to temporarily practice acupuncture during continuing education events or a state of emergency. It also requires acupuncturists to obtain...

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American Society of Acupuncturists 2024 Live In-Person Conference

Conference: April 6-7, 2024 Crystal Gateway Marriott, Arlington, VA Advocacy Day (ASA Federal Fly-In & Acu for Our Public Servants): April 8, 2024, Capitol Hill, Washington, DC Pre-Conference On-Demand Webinar Series starting March 22, 2024 (with 2-week access) Totaling over 20 hours of...

“If you thoroughly investigate the pathomechanism there will be no illness for which you will fail to give the appropriate treatment.”

– Huangdi Neijing Suwen


The APA acknowledges and respects all traditions of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. We believe that cooperation and strength among practitioners and supporters will ensure that this ancient and  modern medical profession will retain its integrity. Anyone can advocate for safe and effective acupuncture. As licensed acupuncturists, we advocate our practices. As leaders in the field, we step up, learn, and contribute to the local, state, and national efforts to maintain standards while improving the profession.


By protecting the legal status to practice acupuncture in Pennsylvania, The APA aims to enhance the quality of health care for people in our state. The APA membership fees support our dynamic lobbyist team that has removed the mandated secondary oversight and limitation on practice. Understanding the legislative process and taking action is one way the APA serves Pennsylvanian acupuncturists and strengthens the practice of acupuncture as a medicine.

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Help shape the future of acupuncture and the delivery of medicine within private practice, Health Maintenance Organizations, Preferred Provider Organizations, and public healthcare (Medicare, Military, VA, and Tribal care).

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By joining the APA, you also become a member of the ASA. Collectively, you become an essential part of a statewide and national powerhouse that serves to elevate licensed acupuncturists and advance the profession as a medicine.

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We depend upon the generosity of our members, sponsors, and others to help us fund our work. It takes time and money to manage a membership association. If you have been positively impacted by authentic acupuncture practices, please consider contributing to our efforts to educate patients, the public, and policy makers. Visit our Make a Donation page for more information.

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We depend upon the generosity of our members and other individuals to help us fund our efforts. It takes time and money to fight for legislative issues at a State level, stay on top of issues regarding our profession, and create relationships with legislators. If you have been positively impacted by authentic acupuncture practices, please consider contributing to our efforts to educate policy makers on how they can best support our profession. Visit our PAC Donation page for more information.

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