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CoVid19, George Floyd, and the Kidney-Heart Axis
Date & Time: June 29 | 1pm-4pm
Description: Join Alaine Duncan, author of the Tao of Trauma for a three-hour class (3 PDAs pending) on addressing the impact of recent events on our client’s nervous systems and Kidney/Heart axis. Understanding the physiological basis for response to stress and trauma will enable you to better understand your client’s symptoms and needs, and give you a path to support healing from these events of unprecedented danger and opportunity. With lecture, discussion, and small group exercises you will learn:


·       the critical importance of regulating the relationship between the Kidney and the Heart, the Water and Fire elements, in complex trauma.

·       how to support the development of capacity in the Sympathetic Nervous System, or the Wood Element, to protect and defend ourselves and others.

·    the long-term impact of a freeze response imposed on the Earth Element in complex trauma

·       A simple, yet powerful intervention that can be done in person or virtually to help rebalance the Kidney/Heart axis.

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