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Surround the Dragon

You are an expert on Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine. The best part of your day is hearing that a patient is feeling better because of your care. Your practice is important to your patients and community. You invest time and energy into your practice and want to see it grow and thrive. You know that sometimes, you need expert help to make that happen. As a member of the APA you have joined together with your fellow practitioners to protect and advance your profession. We have done well together these past 15 years and have sculpted our licensure law into something that works for us, as practitioners, and protects our patients. The landscape of our profession is shifting. More and more research is being published showing the value of our medicine. Allied health professionals witness the benefit of our treatment and some are looking to add bits of our medicine to their practice. Thirty Six (36) States are currently allowing physical therapists to perform dry needling. Their effort to make this legal across the United States is strong and they want Pennsylvania, right now. PA law is still silent on this yet there are physical therapists proudly practicing dry needling regardless of the fact that it isn’t in their practice act. The Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association is more than 10 times larger than the APA. A few years ago we brought an expert onto our team, Ted Mowatt of Wanner and Associates who has been our watchdog in Harrisburg and immeasurable help in advancing acupuncture-friendly bills in our state legislature. However, our yearly membership income does not cover all of our expenses. The cause for protecting and advancing our profession here in Pennsylvania needs you. Will you consider becoming a champion of Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine by making a monetary gift? Set your membership to auto-renew and consider becoming a champion of Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine here in Pennsylvania by increasing your membership contribution. An additional contribution of $500, $750, or $1,000 makes a considerable difference. We cannot protect and advance the profession without your ongoing help. The future of our medicine depends on your generosity. Please know how honored we are when you choose to make an additional gift and become a member of the Circle the Dragon Society.

Gold Dragon $1000
Red Dragon $750
Blue Dragon $500
Green Dragon $250
Black Dragon $100
Hatchlings <$100

We all owe a huge amount of gratitude to our existing dragons!

Steve Mavros, Ruth Neely

Red Joanne Cooper, Bathbayar Damdin, Cara Frank, Ben Griffith

Blue Jaime Gordon, Suzanne Kaczor, Heather Shultz, Yanqun Zhong-Ardito

Margaret Celi, Brittany Lombardo, Andrew Macfarlane, Meade Muller, Adam Schrieber,
Linda Silva, Jan Wilson

Megan Conover, Elizabeth Corr, Monica Fauble, David Gaglione, Amy Green, Anca Marinescu, Elisa Miller,
Lillian Morgan, David Mortell

Hatchling Paula Anderson, Doren Day, Dory Ellen Fish, Donna Greenberg, Justin Weinstein


We depend upon the generosity of our members and other individuals to help us fund our efforts. It takes time and money to fight for legislative issues at a State level, stay on top of issues regarding our profession, and create relationships with legislators. Please take a moment and help support APAPENN today by making a donation. Any amount is helpful and appreciated.

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